Student Education Loans: to Fulfill the Desire of Going for Higher Education

Some years ago, only rich people were capable of paying high amounts of fee charges for their children. Quality and higher education was not provided for all segments of the students at that time. But, now every thing is changed. To improve the literacy rate as well as to offer bright future to all kinds of students in India, many of the government, private banks and money lenders are providing student education loans in India. Now, one can apply for these educational loans to satisfy all types of educational needs like to send their children to abroad for higher education, to pay examination and entrance fee. It can be also applied to pay caution deposit for hostel, to purchase any electronic device related to the course or to pay travel expenses in case of students go for any educational tour. If anyone has taken loan for education of his child, spouse or self, he can get tax exemption. It is applicable only for the full-time courses not for the part time ones.

The student education loans can be availed by all fields of students like technology, science, arts, medicine, engineering and law including all the professional courses. Some of the banks in India like the ICICI, State Bank of India, HDFC and HSBC are offering educational loans at very low interest rates with flexible policies.

The process of applying for the educational loan is very easier than the other loans. Just the student (or the borrower), who want to apply for these loans has to fill the application from and should submit it in the bank with by attaching needed enclosures like age proof (birth certificate), identity proof, letter from the college (in which he/she is going to join), address proof, guardian or parents documents and marks list of the qualifying examination. With the advent of Internet, most of the banks are offering online services to their customers. So, one can apply for these online loans and can get up-to-date information regarding the loan without visiting the bank several times.

After verifying the particulars submitted by you, the bank will sanction you loan and directly send the amount of course fee to the concerned college. Unlike the personal loan interest rates, the interest rates for student education loans are far too lower. This means that the loan burden is not passed to the loan borrower from the date of sanction. The students can start repaying the loan money after completing his/her course time. In case of not getting job immediately after the completion the course, some of the banks giving more six months time to start paying monthly instalments. The maximum amount that banks in India are sanctioning for the students, who study in India is Rs. 10 Lakhs and for the students, who go for abroad is Rs. 20 Lakhs.

If you want to avail student education loans, at first you should gather the information of all the banks, which offer educational loans in India. Then, you can select the best one that offers these loans at a very low interest rate with flexible terms and conditions for taking a loan.

Finally, we can say that educational loans in India are helping the students to turn their dreams into reality.

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